First, purchase your plans.  Contact Bob Barrows at R&B Aircraft, 2079 Breckinridge Rd., Fincastle, VA 24090  PH: 540-473-3661  Bob doesn't have E-mail.  You will need these if you either want to scratch build or buy a kit from Avipro.    Bob also has a new design out called the Patrol.  This deserves a look also.


READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!    READ!!

Read everthing you can get your hands on. 

Sign up for the Bearhawk Yahoo group.  Invaluable information here.  You have to weed through the off topic information, but that's usually pretty good too.  You actually get to know some of these people without ever meeting them.  Fun!  Don't be afraid to ask information from the group.  A lot of expertise in the group.  Someone will have an answer to your question.  What's so great about this group is that no one seems to mind repeating what's already been discussed for the benefit of the newbies.

If you have a local EAA chapter, join!  There is no substitute for drawing on the experience of others. 

I recommend buying Rus Erb's Bearhawk CD.  Best value for your dollar for anything you will buy for this project.  He has compiled all the useful information from the Bearhawk group posts.  Saves a lot of time trying to find specific information.

Subscribe to the Bearhawk newletter.  There has been some grumblings on the group about the newsletter being late at times, but I feel it is worth the wait.  You get any updated design changes as well as keeping abreast of other builders progress.  Mike certainly isn't making any money off of the newsletter and I think he is doing a great job.  E-mail Mike MeadorUpdate!  Mike elected to not carry through with the newsletter.  You can now subscribe to it through Avipro.

I found a material list on the Bearhawk Group under files that was compiled by Lynn Riggs.  Good list that I used to double check my list and modified as I was going through the plans.  Don't take any of this information for granted!!  By the time you make your own material lists, cut sheets, etc, you will thoroughly understand the plans.  It helps to be able to check your lists against someone else's though.  I liked his numbering system and used the same layout on my aluminum cut sheets.  There are nineteen cut sheets in all, and I hope I covered all of the sheet aluminum.  We'll see.