Aluminum Cut Sheets

Using Lynn Riggs parts list that I modified, I drew these cut sheets in Auto Cadd Lite.  To view the drawings as jpg's, click here.  Right click each picture and 'save target as' and then print if you like.  If you want to open the drawings in Auto Cadd, use the links below.  If you don't have Auto Cadd, you can download a free .dwg viewer here.  Install Volo View Express or similar on your computer and you will then be able to view these drawings as well as some of the other .dwg drawings on the Bearhawk group site.  If you click on these sheets, they will open in your browser (might take just a little while) and you will be able to view them fine.  However, if you want to print them, you will need to right click on the cut sheet before you open it, 'and save target as....' ,  save to your computer, and then you will be able to open and print with the .dwg viewer I mentioned above, or with Auto Cadd.  Again, don't take any of this information for granted.  Double check everything!


Cut sheet #1        Wing tip ribs, wing nose ribs, flap nose ribs, aileron nose ribs

Cut sheet #2        Wing center ribs, wing nose rib, aileron nose rib, hinge reinforcement

Cut sheet #3        Wing center rib, wing back ribs, flap back ribs, aileron back ribs, boot cowls, trim strips

Cut sheet #4        Bottom skins, flap trailing edge, aileron attach angles, hinge reinforcement, flap back rib

Cut sheet #5        Bottom skin, flap trailing edge, tank access panel stiffener, trim stops

Cut sheet #6        Top skins, tank stiffeners

Cut sheet #7        Top skins, tank stiffeners

Cut sheet #8        Top skins

Cut sheet #9        Top skins, inboard back skins

Cut sheet #10       Boot cowl top skin  

Cut sheet #11       Wing spar webs, wing spar web splice, aileron hinge reinforcement, center ribs 

Cut sheet #12       Wing rear spars, wing center ribs, hinge reinforcements 

Cut sheet #13       Inboard skin, wing center ribs, hinge reinforcement, flap spar webs, flap reinforcement, aileron spar, false ribs 

Cut sheet #14       Tank access panel, instrument panel, wing center ribs, floor panels 

Cut sheet #15       Gear leg fairings, rear door skin, baggage door skin, floor panel, boot cowl skin 

Cut sheet #16       Fuel tank top skins, fuel tank bottom skins, fuel tank end caps, fuel tank baffels 

Cut sheet #17       Rear spar ends, tank strap doublers, main spar plates, main spar ends, spar filler plates, rear spar spacers, 

                                                        flap possitioner 

Cut sheet #18       Flap pocket stiffeners, flap leading edge, flap hinge covers, hinge covers  

Cut sheet #19       Nose skins, rear baggage panel, aileron pocket skins, end reinforcements